Ima Miriam

"He said I like you. And I will be married with you. If not you. There would be no point in living" - Ima Miriam (2016)

Following the life of Miriam, a 94 year old Iraqi Jewish lady, living in Israel today, we discover her  past, present and future.

'Ima Miriam' was a documentary short film that I shot over the course of 5 days in Haifa and Jerusalem, Israel. Despite the limitations of being a single man crew, the low profile and discreet presence of having myself operate the camera, while directing the film, allowed for a deeper connection with the subject.

Now available to watch in it's entirety, 'Ima Miriam', has come to the end of it's festival run. With 4 selections internationally, and 1 win for 'Best Documentary Short' at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.

Behind the Scenes